Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from VHF!

Fun was had by all on Sunday Dec 1oth taking this group photo, and then going for a bite to eat at the Texas Roadhouse afterwards. Left to right is:Diane Doub/Prestige, Fran Castle/Florence, Kasey Greene with her baby Logan and horse Classic Copper and his lessee Lisa Kim, Lu-Ann Perryman/Galileo, Launi Masterson/Barbana, Lola Hudson/Cocoa, Melissa Johnson/Volto, Elizabeth Moore/Genuine Gem, Karen Cimon/Prisha and E’s young student Savannah Carey, Jennifer Durazzo/Kingsley (being held by John Moore), Katie Neill/Avondrood and Josh Neill, and Bridget O’Brian holding Henry. Many thanks to Gray O’Neal ( and Jennifer Durazzo for arranging for him to come and take these images!