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E: 4K-14K
We have horses available for full or half lease. Contact us more information.

For Sale or on-site Half Lease: “Kingsley”

“Kingsley” is a sweet 16 hd. 13 yr. OTTB gelding. He is solid in his Training level dressage and schooling all first and 2nd level movements well. He has been primarily used to build his AA owner’s confidence this past year in the dressage arena including on the lunge line for seat lessons, and has also taught several other juniors and Adults, while also progressing steadily in his training with Elizabeth. He jumps small courses to (currently to 2’9″, but has schooled higher) and hacks out in the woods by himself and with others. His previous owner did some Beginner novice schooling horse trials with him, so he might be a good choice for a pony clubber, junior, or an AA who wants to learn the ropes. The first video here is with Elizabeth Moore in the dressage arena and then in the jump arena with Hunter Mogensen. There is also a video of him away from home schooling at the Raleigh fairgrounds and at the Finally Farm Hunter/Jumper show. We will be adding some others soon. Currently priced at $7500.00 Very negotiable to great home only!


For Half or Full lease: “Indigo Girl” aka Amy

Indigo Girl aka Amy is a 17 hd. Canadian Sporthorse mare that is owned and loved by Leslie Donnelly Lohrbacher. She is 19 this year but you would never know that. Originally bought and imported from Canada as a 2 1/2 year old by Elizabeth, she was competed at 1st level and schooled thru 2nd and some 3rd level by both Elizabeth and Leslie. She was also used for a short time by the NCSU dressage team,  has 3 very nice gaits including an expressive medium trot, and for the right person, could easily help them obtain all or some of their scores towards their Bronze medal. Leslie is currently pregnant with her first child so wants to be sure that Amy gets enough exercise this year to stay fit and happy. She also hacks out well in the woods and is currently kept across the street from VHF at Finnigan’s Run Farm. Please email or call Elizabeth for more info. and to set up a trial lesson or call Leslie at 919 818-1243

For Sale: Classic Copper aka “Lucas”

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Classic Copper aka “Lucas” is a lovely 9 yr. old 17.3 hd. TB gelding. He has comfortable gaits and the good kind of TB brain; sensible and forward thinking canter, ground covering trot and walk. He is showing Training and First level dressage. At his first NCDCTA dressage show  he scored a 9 on his gaits in Training test 3 for a 69.31% and a 66.85% on 1st 1. (Video link below), then just recently went to his first USEF recognized show and finished up by scoring a 66.718% in 1st test 2. (New video also below). These were his first shows of any kind, so we were very happy with his level of ride ability as he got the hang of the atmosphere! Also enjoys small jumps and works over ground rails well, though we have been focused on a dressage career for him. Knows all voice commands and lunges well. Has even taught a “seat” lesson on the lunge. Hacks out alone on forested local trail and works just as well in the jumping field or arena as he does in the dressage arena. Not a spooky and never raced. Currently turned out with another gelding most of the time, but can be on his own as well. Has a set of radiographs from his purchase in VA. not quite a year ago that are available for review and were unremarkable at the time. Would be a super horse for an ambitious tall junior rider or AA. (more…)