Private lesson with Elizabeth or Brie at VHF (in parentheses = off-site, also subject to fuel/mileage charge for trips over 20 minutes) please inquire for clinic or group rate.

1 hour: $75.00
45 minute: $65.00
30 minute: $50.00

1 hour semi pvt. jump or dressage lesson: $65.00

1 hour group (3 or more) jump or quadrille lesson:$55.00

Off farm local: (within an hour away) add $5.00 per person to above rates.

At this time we do not have school horses, but sometimes do have client-owned horses that can be tried in a lesson for half or full leasing.


Victory Hill Farm accepts horses to be boarded only if they or their riders are in a regular training program with a minimum of six rides or lessons per month, program to be agreed upon and accepted by both Elizabeth and or Brie, and client. Rates for training are below and are in addition to the boarding fee (interchangeable lessons or rides). Board includes daily turn-out, blanketing and un-blanketing (within reason, they are checked/changed AM and PM), grain 2X per day, and high-quality hay fed 3X per day. In the event that medication and/or treatment of illness, injury, or lameness is needed, all charges will be discussed beforehand with the owner, except in an emergency situation.

Stall in main barn, daily turnout: $875.00
Private stall and paddock outside with bedding: $850.00
Shared stall and paddock outside with bedding: $825.00
Per night temporary basis, in a stall: $30.00

All of above include access to separate or shared grass pasture areas depending on horse’s needs on a rotational basis.

Prices above are subject to change with a 30 day written notice by farm operator.

Training is offered for horses at the farm for $55.00 per session in addition to the regular board fee, in either lessons or training rides for a minimum commitment of two times per week and up to five depending on the needs of the particular horse and/or rider. Payment is expected in advance on the 1st or the 15th of each month (as per arrangement with management). The training rate offers a discount over the off-site or haul-in per time lesson fees which are listed below.

Each horse’s and/or rider’s program is personally designed and supervised by Elizabeth and or Brie. It includes cleaning the horse’s tack and equipment, as well as grooming and maintenance of the horse’s appearance on days when the horse is ridden or worked by Elizabeth or the staff. Training or lesson days missed due to shows, weather, or illness are credited towards the following month’s bill, however it is the rider’s responsibility in the case of lessons to schedule and plan ahead/contact us for a make up time. You can also arrange for your horse to be ridden off the farm on a per time basis.

2x per week: $440.00 Per month
3x per week: $660.00 Per month
4x per week: $880.00 Per month

5x per week: $1100.00 Per month

Per time basis Training Rides at VHF: $60.00
Training Rides off the farm: $65.00




Coaching at shows per day (H/J, Events, and multiple rides): $85.00. Coaching per a single ride or dressage test: $50.00. Mileage charges may be added if show is more than an hour away and depending on number of students competing.

Cross country schooling: $75.00 (group)
Braiding: $35.00
Full body clip (legs and head): $100.00
Hunter clip (no legs, part of head): $80.00
Trace clip (lower 1/2 of horse and trim): $50.00

Daily rate at shows for care if client does not do themselves, (mucking, watering, feeding): $35.00

Transport for your horse

Local one-day shows within an hour’s drive, with other horses participating: $80.00 roundtrip.
Shows further away than an hour’s drive, with other horses participating: $0.80/ unloaded mile and $1.75/ loaded mile

Representation/Commission Fees

Representation of sale horses: 10% of sale price
Horse finding: 10% of purchase price

The above services include all price negotiations, answering phone/e-mail inquiries, writing ad copy, and assistance in price evaluation/setting. It does not include actual advertising, postal, or travel expenses. Video production and editing is not included in the price of marketing/commission unless otherwise agreed upon, and will be billed at a cost of $40.00 per hour.

Facility Use Fees

Riders may ride over from the neighboring farms or trailer in to use the arenas and grounds. The cost for this is:

per time usage $30.00
per month $70.00

For insurance reasons there is no jumping permitted on the grounds unless in a lesson with an approved instructor with their own insurance or with permission from Elizabeth. Cross country schooling is available by appointment only, with a ground person and a signed release form.

VHF Release Form

For insurance reasons, all visitors must sign our release form before riding or handling a horse at VHF. Download VHF release form PDF.