Elizabeth furthered her educational opportunities by getting additional expert instruction during the entire 2007 year, and is participating in the current U.S.D.F. “Learner” judging program in 2008. The program entails lots of practice, updated reccommended reading, scribing, and sitting hours with “R” judges, as well as a general enthusiasm for evaluating lots of horses and riders!

Two of her favorite recommended reading books so far have been “The Simplicity of Dressage” by Johann Hinneman and Coby Van Baalen for its clear, easy to understand explanations and pictures illustrating the concepts of the training scale, and Ingrid and Reiner Klimke’s “The New Basic Training of The Young Horse,” as it confirms many things she had been taught in the past, but also gives fresh examples of beautifully trained, happy horses executing the exercises throughout.

Some of the excellent horsemen and women that Elizabeth got a chance to receive instruction and help from in 2007 include: Conrad Schumacher, Linda Zang, Steffan Peters, Gretchen Verbonic, Lilo Fore, and Jessica Ransehousen. She looks forward to getting lots more help from her friends and fellow instructors in 2008.