To the CBLM’s and beyond

I am happy to report that VHF will be attending the CBLM finals this year with the following four horse and rider combinations: Alison Eyth and Blake Atherton’s “Queen Chloe Chloe” in the 1st level division A, Charlotte Holt and her own “London” also in 1st level division A, Elizabeth Moore and Melissa Johnson’s “Belissimo Volto” in 3rd level division B, and Elizabeth Moore and Amber Zaratsian’s “Flurry’s Jetta” in the Training level division B.

Additionally “Belissimo Volto” also qualified for the 2nd level division A CBLM finals with his owner Melissa Johnson pictured here with a 64+%. Charlotte Holt and “London” won both their classes on Sat (70+% in 1st-2) in Charlotte’s first time showing in a recognized show at First level which also earned her her first scores towards her Bronze medal, and “Flurry’s Jetta” also qualified for the Region 1 finals during the Labor of Love show with Elizabeth. Congrats to all!