“London” wins her 2nd in a row .75 m jumper class at Triangle farms C show and ”Chloe” and “Lucy” also put in solid jumper rounds.

“London” owned by Charlotte Holt took a blue for the second time at the Triangle Farms C show in July with her owner Charlotte Holt in the .75m jumper division. The pair also won a class at the June show at the same height so Charlotte was pleased since it was really hot weather and she felt like she steadily improved. (Lucy and Sarah pictured above, video of Charlotte and Alison below).

“Queen Chloe Chloe” aka Chloe also contested the same division and cantered around easily with with her Lessor Alison Eyth. Chloe is owned by Blake Atherton. Alison was happy too although they had a few time penalties, so we have been working on increasing her RPMs recently at home!

“I Love Lucy” aka Lucy had solid rounds in the puddle jumper division with her Lessor Sarah Sievers. Owner Deirdre Albertson had also planned to compete her in the .75 m division but she stepped on a clip in her last round so will have to wait til next time. Still they were both super happy with her.